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Bitcoin Trading Fund is a Mutual Fund investing in Cryptocurrency Trading & Mining. Bitcoin Trading Fund collects bitcoins from investors and invests in Trading & Mining cryptocurrencies generating returns which are distributed back to investors in Bitcoins.

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Bitcoin Trading Fund

Bitcoin Trading Fund is a Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund.

Bitcoin Trading Fund is a mutual fund which collects Bitcoins from a number of investors. The fund invests the collective investment in Trading and Mining cryptocurrencies i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple etc. The Income/gains generated from this collective investment are distributed proportionately amongst the investors in Bitcoins after deducting applicable expenses.

The investors can invest any amount, redeem their investments after 1 year and earn higher returns from both Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining.

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About Bitcoin Trading Fund About Bitcoin Trading Fund

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a Digital Money with no intermediaries or banks. Bitcoins can be purchased from Local Bitcoin Exchanges. The users can Install Digital Bitcoin Wallet to store, send and receive Bitcoin. It is the best performer amongst all asset classes i.e. Real Estate, Gold or Stocks. It is a Legal Payment Method in Japan having limited supply and huge demand.

About Bitcoin Trading Fund

Why Invest in Bitcoin Trading Fund?

Bitcoin Trading Fund Investment is ideal for investors who either lack large sums for investment, or for those who neither have the inclination nor the time to research the digital currency markets, yet want to grow their wealth. You can invest safely without the challenges of safekeeping, managing a huge diversified portfolio and price volatility related to cryptocurrencies. You also earn returns from Cryptocurrency Mining by verifying cryptocurrency transactions.

Bitcoin Trading Fund is a Mutual Fund which has been founded by professional bankers and experts in Digital Currency markets and Cryptocurrency Mining. We manage your Bitcoin investments for you using proven investment and mining strategies to maximise returns. You can easily purchase and redeem the fund units anytime you need cash.

About Bitcoin Trading Fund

How it works?

The investors transfer their Bitcoin to Bitcoin Trading Fund. The investors are issued mutual fund units or shares against their investment at the fund's current NAV (Net Asset Value). The NAV is the cost of one unit or share of the fund. The collective investment is invested by Professional Fund Manager in buying and selling Digital currencies generating returns. These returns are added to the NAV. The investors can sell the fund units back to the fund anytime at the current NAV. The returns are given back to the investors in Bitcoins.

Please read the Fund Information Document (“FID”) before investing.


About Bitcoin Trading Fund

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Bitcoin Trading Fund offers individuals, companies and Institutions to become BTF Distributors and earn upfront and Trail commission on the referred investments.

About Bitcoin Trading Fund

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